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Success Stories 

  • Defeated Town of Waltham's attempt to apply sex offender restriction By-Law to his client

  • Prepared several cases for successful avoidance of civil commitment

  • Convinced prison officials to dismiss disciplinary charges

  • Established the right of petitioners to waive their presence at Sex Offender Registry Board Hearings, avoiding default. Doe # 941 v. Sex Offender Registry Bd., 460 Mass. 336 (2011)

  • Exposed the lack of necessary regulatory guidance to classify petitioners whose sole sex offense was possession of child pornography. Doe # 95318 v. Sex Offender Registry Bd., 80 Mass. App. Ct. 901 (2011)

  • Secured release and not guilty verdict for appellate client facing deportation for a narcotics case, Commonwealth v.  Bultumer, Massachusetts Appeals Court No. 2003-P-161.
  • Ensured, on appeal, the release for man facing sexually dangerous person civil commitment Commonwealth v. Allen, 73 Mass. App. Ct. 862 (2009)

  • Negotiated the removal of GPS from man and his return to home state. Commonwealth v. Allen, BRCV2007-00837
  • Fought the Sex Offender Registry Board to an agreed upon dismissal of level 3 classification. Joe Moe v. Sex Offender Registry Board, Massachusetts Appeals Court No 2009-P-0510

    • Shared victory in landmark case to provide funds for expert testimony in Sex Offender Registry Board cases. Doe No. 89230 v. Sex Offender Registry Board, 452 Mass. 764 (2008).
  • Obtained new trial for man in narcotics case after trial attorney failed to deliver closing argument. Commonwealth v. Jose Figueroa, HDCR1999-01013